The family of Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, a 24-year-old Ukrainian journalist who tragically lost her life in March of 2022 while reporting on the war in Ukraine, has taken legal action against US broadcaster Fox News.

According to a report by Business Insider, the lawsuit was filed on Thursday, March 15, in New York State Supreme Court.

Kuvshynova’s parents, joined by Shane Thomson, a security advisor for SEPAR, a UK-based security agency contracted by Fox News at the time, have brought forth the suit.

They allege negligence on the part of the broadcast corporation, contending that Fox News recklessly exposed their daughter and others to danger by sending them into an active war zone despite repeated warnings from local authorities and a security consultant advising against such action.


Andriy Kuvshynov, Kuvshynova’s father, voiced his concerns shortly after her passing. Reflecting on the circumstances surrounding her death, he questioned the decision-making process that led Fox News to venture into such perilous territory.

“I don’t understand how a decision was made by Fox News to go where it was dangerous, where there was a live threat,” the father said in a 2022 interview with Business Insider.

“It was so scary around there. Why did they end up there?” said Kuvshynov.

Several members of the same crew as Kuvshynova met a similar fate during the ill-fated assignment on March 14, including Pierre Zakrzewski, a seasoned Fox News camera operator.

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Kuvshynova, a respected Ukrainian journalist and Fox News producer, and Zakrzewski, an Irish photojournalist working for Fox News, lost their lives in the village of Horenka, Kyiv region, when their vehicle came under fire.

Responding to the lawsuit, Fox News issued a statement expressing continued sorrow over the loss of both Kuvshynova and Zakrzewski.

However, the network affirmed its intention to contest what it deemed to be inaccurate claims contained within the legal action.

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The had "PRESS" all over their vehicle. Sadly they are blaming Fox for the fault of Russia's war criminal actions. Such actions are so sad. They will never bring the dead back. Look at Benjamin Hall. Is he suing Fox for losing a leg and an eye?