The relentless shelling by Russian forces in Kharkiv has left almost all public and private energy infrastructure in ruins, according to Ihor Terekhov, the city's mayor, in an interview with

"Almost all critical energy infrastructure has already been destroyed, and private infrastructure has also been destroyed...The situation for the energy industry is very difficult," Terekhov said.

Despite the destruction wrought upon critical energy infrastructure, Terekhov emphasised the city's determination to rebuild.

"Russia wants to intimidate us, but this is impossible. Over the past two years, we have seen different threats, starting with the saboteurs in Kharkiv," the mayor added.

The ongoing onslaught on Ukrainian energy facilities by Russian troops has plunged Kharkiv into darkness and disrupted essential services.


Recent attacks have resulted in severe shortages of electricity and water, crippling vital functions within the city and the surrounding region.

With fears mounting that Kharkiv could become the next major target for Russian forces, speculation has intensified about the possibility of a large-scale offensive.

While sources among the "Russian elites" suggest such a move is plausible, Ukrainian military leaders caution that any attempt to seize Kharkiv could prove disastrous for Russian troops.

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