The pro-Russian Romanian party “Alliance for the Union of Romanians” (AUR) may soon launch a series of anti-Ukrainian informational provocations, according to sources in the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense who spoke to Kyiv Post.

These sources indicate that the purpose of such a disinformation campaign is to portray the oppression of Romanian rights within Ukraine.

They also mention that AUR officials are currently conducting interviews with priests from villages in the Chernivtsi, Zakarpattia, and Odesa regions, where a significant number of ethnic Romanians reside, as part of their preparations for the propaganda operation.

Additionally, propagandists are surveying families of men who are currently serving in the Defense Forces of Ukraine.


“This operation is part of the internal Romanian political landscape, but it could negatively impact Ukraine's image,” said an official within the special services who spoke to Kyiv Post on condition of anonymity.

“This could potentially escalate the situation, leading to transit blockages and inciting protest sentiments,” the source added.

According to sources, a similar information campaign is being conducted by representatives of the “Renaissance” Bulgarian party in the Odesa region, targeting villages primarily inhabited by ethnic Bulgarians.

A source within Ukrainian intelligence believes that the synchronization of these special operations suggests possible coordination by the Kremlin, aimed at complicating Ukraine's geopolitical situation.

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Last year, the Financial Times reported that the far-right AUR party, now the country's main opposition force, had gained popularity in Romania.

The FT noted that AUR capitalized on growing anti-Ukrainian sentiments and disinformation propaganda to increase its voter support to about 20 percent after the 2019 elections.

“Once a fringe irredentist party that vilified the ethnic Hungarian minority... AUR has shifted gears and focused on Ukraine, declaring that the war is ‘not ours’ and urging the government to stop aiding Kyiv,” the FT reported.


The party also opposes the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine through Romania and is against Bucharest's continued supply of arms to Kyiv, as well as hosting Ukrainian pilots for F-16 fighter jet training.

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