On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden signed a $95 billion aid package for allies, including Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

This followed the Senate voting in favor of the aid on Tuesday and House of Representatives clearing the aid Saturday.

The bill passed the Senate overwhelmingly with a bipartisan majority of 79-18.

Lawmakers had been arguing for months about whether and how to help Ukraine defend itself. Although the United States has been Ukraine’s main military supporter against Russia, Congress hadn’t approved significant funding for Ukraine since Republicans took control of the House in January 2023.

While Ukrainians are looking forward to military support from the United States, Russians are not as positive.

“May all you Americans burn in a pyre of fire. I think these are your last years. Your own people will simply tear you apart,” commented Mikhail Ivanov on the news of US aid to Ukraine.


“And on TV, they said that the US abandoned Ukraine...” - user Ivan D. comments.

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WATCH: ‘Absolutely Ludicrous’ White House Policy – Major Players Call Out Biden’s ‘Handcuffs’ on Ukraine

Four major political players have advocated authorizing Ukraine to hit Russian territory with US-made weapons – to turn fighting “with one hand behind its back” into an ATACMS turkey shoot.

Some Russian commentators believe that America had its own goals in voting for this aid package.

“Eh, the Ukrainians didn’t manage to escape. It means that the capture of the last Ukrainian continues. Their Western master will not let them go alive now,” says Andrey.

“Not everyone has been used yet; the Americans need to finish what they started. Interestingly, the United States treats Russians better, as it does not engage in genocide, but for some reason, they do not like Ukrainians,” wrote Dmitry.


Still, a lot of Russian social media users believe that Russia is a superpower which simply cannot be defeated.

“Expected. But it won’t help them. Russia is impossible to defeat.






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