Russian soldier's wife urges her husband to hide "under bushes" when his group moves forward on assault.

In an intercepted call, published by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), she says: " Didn't you fall out of a tree? Are they shooting from a machine gun? And you're not sitting in a tree? Kolya, are you crazy? My god....?"

"Well, okay, Kolya. The main thing is to hide under the bushes. Don't get ahead of everyone.

The assault begins, and you're under a bush. Damn it. Just sit there while the rest move forward. How many times do I have to teach you?" the woman adds.

Speaking further, she says that at the current stage, there is no clear understanding of what Russia is fighting for. Therefore, it's better to focus on survival rather than bravery.


"Well, I understand that you're the senior of the group. Well, damn it, Kolya, you know, it used to be "For the Motherland!" And now, for whom the hell? For Stalin, damn it. Before, it was for Stalin; yes, after Stalin, it was " for the motherland". And now, for what?"

Continuing, the woman suggests that even Putin may not be aware of the dire situation on the frontline, or he may be hiding the real circumstances Russian troops are facing.

"Yeah, [you are fighting] for all the dying boys, that's just for them. There's nothing to say, not even for Putin. Maybe he doesn't even know what's happening in this war right now. He doesn't know anything. It's insane."

Three Times Faster and Cheaper: Russia Outpaces West in Artillery Shell Production - Sky News
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Three Times Faster and Cheaper: Russia Outpaces West in Artillery Shell Production - Sky News

According to an analysis shared with Sky News, despite Ukraine's Western allies' larger combined economies, they are currently lagging behind Russia in shell production rates.

"Or maybe he's hiding it, or maybe he knows. This is nonsense, of course."

The woman criticizes the Kremlin for displaying Western weapons on Red Square, claiming that it was obtained at a high cost.

A May Day parade in Moscow drew crowds of spectators to admire Western tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons captured in Ukraine during Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Visitors look at a Swedish CV 940 APC, captured by Russian forces in Ukraine, and displayed at the WWII memorial complex at Poklonnya Hill western in Moscow, on May 1, 2024. The Russian Ministry of Defence opened an exhibition of samples of


Held in Park Pobedy, or “Victory Park” named to commemorate the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, the spectacle was designed to draw fictitious parallels between that war and the Kremlin’s “special operation” in Ukraine, and to reassure the average Russian that the campaign has been wildly successful.

Russian Communist supporters attend a rally for May Day, marking International Workers' Day in central Moscow on May 1, 2024. (Photo by TATYANA MAKEYEVA / AFP)

"Today, the tanks were paraded on the Red Square, they bragged: "We took these in Ukraine, and we took these in America." Are you bragging about that? Screw your mother. What are you even bragging about? Assholes, motherfuckers," the woman says.


Discord over commanders' unrealistic goals and extremely hazardous combat tasks appears to be growing among Russian soldiers.

In a number of conversations recently intercepted by HUR, soldiers discuss ways to give up serving and avoid further deployment to the frontline while civilians panic about being conscripted.

For example, a Russian soldier was overheard on a phone call revealing that a portion of Moscow's battalion had defied orders and was currently “idle in the forest, not engaged in combat.”

In another instance,  Russian soldiers were complaining about not being given leave in almost two years and saying that “soon we'll gather a crowd and head towards Russia.”

Last year, Kyiv Post interviewed Maria* who works as one of Ukrainian intelligence’s professional eavesdroppers and spoke about the shocking things she hears.

Russia regularly dismisses the content of intercepted calls published by Ukraine, saying they are faked, a claim Kyiv Post put to Maria.

She said: “Yes, they all are real even though they might seem insane. Sometimes I can’t believe the words I’m hearing myself, but we have what we have.”

Kyiv Post regularly reposts some of the most revealing and shocking intercepted conversations.


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