Ukrainian naval drones from the Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) of the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday morning sank one of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s patrol ships in another blow to Kremlin naval power in the region, as disclosed by a source in the HUR to Kyiv Post.

The explosives, remotely controlled by operators from HUR, struck the vessel while it was patrolling in a Kerch strait.

According to the source, Ukrainian naval drones, specifically MAGURA V5s, were deployed during the operation. The source declined to disclose the exact number of drones used in the operation.

“As a result of a strike by Magura V5 maritime drones, the Russian ship Project 22160 Sergey Kotov sustained damage to the stern, starboard and port sides,” Ukraine's Intelligence agency wrote on Telegram in an official confirmation of the attack.


The message added that the ship was worth about $65 million.

According to preliminary data cited by HUR, as a result of the attack at least 13 crew members died, 52 crew members were reportedly evacuated.

Reports from the Krymsky Veter [Crimean Wind] Telegram channel indicated hearing explosions near the occupied Crimea coast, with visible smoke in the sea.

Later, the Telegram channel posted a video of the exact moment of the explosion.

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The Russian operator of passenger trains to Crimea reported multiple trains stopped near the Crimean [Kerch] Bridge due to blocked traffic on the bridge. The bridge had been closed for more than eight hours.

Andriy Yusov, the representative of Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR), confirmed that Tuesday's operation was the second attempt to destroy the Russian ship, indicating careful planning.

"There were two attacks in total. Today's attack was a long-term operation that has been meticulously prepared for," Yusov told Radio Liberty.

The extent of casualties among Russian soldiers is being determined, with the possibility of some crew members evacuating.


"The enemy called for at least 10 ambulances, indicating an evacuation operation," Yusov added.

"The enemy planned to install anti-aircraft missile systems on the ship," Yusov said.

The Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov previously participated in the attack on Zmeinyi Island and is now allied with the cruiser Moskva, according to the HUR representative.

In a series of blows to the Russian fleet, Ukrainian drones sunk the Ceasar Kunikov, one of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s heaviest warships still afloat on Feb. 14.

At least three attack boats loaded with explosives and remotely controlled by operators from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Directorate for Intelligence (HUR), struck the heavy assault ship as it was close offshore from the Crimean resort town of Alupka.

Ukrainian naval drones, specifically MAGURA V5s, were deployed during that operation as well.

Developed in Ukraine, the MAGURA V5 Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) boasts versatility in maritime operations, including surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, and combat missions.

With its hydrodynamic body and agile maneuverability, the V5 exhibits quasi-stealth capabilities.


Measuring 5.5 meters (18 feet) in length and 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) in width, it boasts cruising speeds of 22 knots (40.7 kilometers per hour) and maximum speeds of 42 knots (77.8 kilometers per hour), with a range of approximately 833 kilometers (518 miles).

SpecialTechnoExport and its developers highlighted its affordability and unmanned control feature, minimizing human resource requirements and risks in challenging environments, at the International Defense Industry Exhibition in July 2023.

Exclusive for Kyiv Post: HUR officially confirms Ukrainian Naval Drones Sunk Russian Sergey Kotov Patrol Ship

Overnight attack confirmed to Kyiv Post and, now, on Telegram:

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