Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed foreign news outlets on Wednesday, June 5, stating that Moscow has no "imperial ambitions" and dismissed the notion that Russia might attack NATO as "bollocks."

When asked by AFP about the presence of Soviet and Russian imperial flags at Gazprom's headquarters, where the meeting was held, Putin said, "There is no need to look for some imperial ambitions of ours. There are none. There is no need to look for something that is not there."

He urged against portraying Russia as an enemy, warning, "Don't make up an image of Russia as an enemy. You will only harm yourselves."

Putin ridiculed the idea of a Russian attack on NATO, saying, "They've come up with this idea that Russia wants to attack NATO. Have you lost your mind? Are you as thick as two short planks? Who made this up? It's nonsense, it's bollocks."


Despite denying any military and imperial intentions, Russia has announced the annexation of five Ukrainian regions, with several officials, including Putin, highlighting that these territories were once part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

Speaking at a rare press conference, Putin also criticized the West's delivery of long-range weapons to Ukraine. He suggested that Moscow could retaliate by arming other countries with similar weapons to target Western interests.

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