The US announcement on Wednesday, June 12 of a new round of sanctions against Russia, targeting China’s provision of semiconductors to Moscow and promises to inflict “secondary sanctions for foreign financial institutions that deal with Russia's war economy,” was met with the now customary rant from the Kremlin’s Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev.

He wrote that no doubt the latest imposition of US sanctions will soon be followed by those of Europe. He dismisses their impact by saying they have already imposed them in numbers “already measured in tens of thousands… [which] we have learned to live and develop with them.

Then he writes “On the other hand, it is necessary, not only for the authorities, the state, but to all our people in general, to everyone who loves our Motherland” to respond to “the USA and their f*****g allies [who have] declared war on us without rules!”


He asks, “How should we react? I have already talked about this once, but it’s worth repeating.”

He says that “every day we must try to inflict maximum harm on those countries that have imposed these restrictions on our country and all our citizens. Harm them in every way in which harm can be done.”

He says that Russia should identify critical vulnerabilities in every area of the West’s economy, their governments, their institutions and their rulers. So as to cause the maximum harm “…to the well-being of their citizens and their confidence in the future.”

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He calls for damage to be inflicted wherever possible to paralyze business and government agencies by mercilessly striking the most important technologies to “… literally destroy their energy, industry, transport, banking and social services. Instill fear of the imminent collapse of all critical infrastructure.”

He then turns his attention to the recent threat by President Vladimir Putin to provide weapons to Moscow’s allies that are capable of striking  those countries that support Ukraine: “Are they [the West] afraid of us handing over our weapons to the enemies of the Western world? We must transfer all possible types of weapons except, for now, nuclear ones!”


He then builds up to identify more areas that the West is afraid of including social unrest, anarchy and crime in major cities – which Russia should help to organize.

“Let everything stop for them, everything will deteriorate, everything will go to hell! [There is] no need to spare their psyche anymore! Let them shiver in their cozy homes, let them shiver under the blankets.

“If they yell about our use of fake news, let’s turn their life into a complete crazy nightmare in which they will not be able to distinguish wild fiction from the realities of the day, infernal evil from the routine of life.”

He says “…there should be no rules in inflicting pain on the West for the harm Russia is suffering. Everyone can contribute!”

He finishes by invoking the Bible, quoting the Old Testament book Leviticus 24:20: “Remember: a fracture for fracture, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; whatever injury a man has given to a person shall be given back to him.”

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