German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said in his New Year's address to his fellow citizens that Germany will continue to support Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression.

That's according to DW, Ukrinform reports.

Scholtz said that the year 2022 was marked by cohesion and strength, given Russia's war against Ukraine, adding that "the European Union and NATO have shown solidarity not seen for a long time."

The chancellor said that Putin is waging an "imperialist war of aggression in the middle of Europe."

"Putin did not overrun Ukraine in a few days, as he had planned. Quite the contrary, the Ukrainians bravely defended their homeland - also thanks to our help. And we will continue to support Ukraine," Scholz said.

In his address, he also mentioned the extraordinary readiness of the Germans to support Ukrainians who have been forced to flee the war in their homeland. According to the chancellor, the number of volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees in 2022 was 29 million.



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