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Music War in Ukraine Interview

Modern-Day Kobzar Performs Songs of Resistance in Russo-Ukrainian War

Taras Stolyar performs the iconic Ukrainian instrument, the bandura, at The National Museum of Ukraine in the Second World War, in a living exhibition of the current Russo-Ukrainian War.

Mar. 21

Stolyar, who is both a kobzar and a soldier, lined up for six hours in his native Kyiv to join Ukraine's Territorial Defense the day that Russia's Feb. 24, 2022 full-scale invasion began.

The bandurist has gone from operating drones, to serving at the front line, to performing the bandura in front of an Italian audience to raise funds for Ukraine's military.

He sees the current war as one both of military resistance against Russia's invading forces, but also the latest chapter in centuries of cultural resistance.

"The bandura is associated with this resistance, precisely the armed resistance to the denial of our history, our culture," he says, in the interview conducted by Australian Ukrainian documentary filmmaker Julian Knysh.