The National Republican Army (NRA), who this month claimed responsibility for the assassination of Darya Dugina, yesterday signed a Declaration of Cooperation with the numerous Russian anti-Putin, pro-Ukraine groups. Russian opposition politician Ilya Ponomarev attended the event and was authorized to sign the Declaration on the NRA’s behalf.

To date, the NRA have remained an elusive organisation, refraining from directly speaking to the press – until now.

‘Aleksandr’, a leader of the NRA, discusses the group’s goals – opposing the ongoing Russian invasion, and taking-down Putin’s Regime through partisan fighting on the streets of Russia.

This is the first-ever interview of the NRA: Thank you for trusting the Kyiv Post and I to accurately cover your organization’s goals.


No Russian media has ever written about us – not even those in the Russian media who have already fled Russia; they’re just all scared to death. We will not be too verbose in this interview, but we will give you some comments. Kyiv is the mother of all Russian cities, as they say.

Were you also involved in the democratic opposition before becoming active in the NRA?

I’ve never been much interested in the liberal Russian opposition, and personally I’ve always considered myself a loner. For the last ten years, all of the legal opposition has aroused only pity. Now it only arouses anger. Why? Due to their cowardice and idleness.

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Who was the target of this assassination attempt – Alexandr Dugin, Darya Dugina or both?

The target of the assassination attempt was both propagandists but it so happened that the second person who got into the car was not Dugin, but someone else. We still don’t know that person’s identity. Our intelligence miscalculated, but the goal was partially achieved. A Russian propagandist was eliminated.

Today the NRA signed a “Declaration of Understanding” with the Russians fighting for Ukraine, against Russia: What was the purpose of this Declaration? What do you hope to accomplish?


It’s more of a ‘beautiful gesture.’ Why? Because the real Russian opposition is only possible now in two hypothetical situations: in our underground, or with weapons in hand, fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Army. We hope that this unification will signal the mobilization of both the NRA and Russian volunteer units.

Is it true that the NRA actively calls for the violent, armed overthrow of the Russian government? Does the NRA seek the violent overthrow or “removal” of Vladimir Putin?

We do not consider an armed overthrow of the Russian government possible at this time. The situation has not yet matured. We believe that sporadic attacks against the authorities, their ideologues, and their media stooges could sow confusion among the Russian elites. If there is a split among the elites, they will start to bring down Putin’s regime from within, from above. And we, the NRA, will do it from below.

There have been suggestions that the NRA has supporters, or sympathizers, even among certain people in the Russian government who see Putin as a threat, such as the people who are currently within the “security structures” (i.e. intelligence, police, military, etc.) What do you have to say about this?


There are former, and more importantly current members of the security and law enforcement agencies in our ranks. Many people, mostly in the lower and middle ranks, are not happy with what is happening in Russia. Why? Total corruption and nepotism: Only those who lick the ass of those in charge get promoted. Nobody wants to wage any real fight against crime.

But everyone is afraid of open criticism. So, we prefer not to talk but to do. In silence.

What does the NRA hope to achieve once Putin is removed from power?

We do not believe in Putin’s simple removal from power. He will not get away with it.

At best, he will be court-martialed like Milosevic. At worst, executed like Ceausescu.

Some people say that the existence of the NRA is impossible – that it is rather the work of other actors (perhaps even the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)) who are committing the arsons and assassinations – how would you respond to such critics?

We have our own people in the FSB. It’s easier for everyone to believe conspiracy theories – Kremlin tower battles, British intelligence, and God knows what else – rather than to admit the obvious: the Russian people have started dismantling Putin’s regime.


How will the war in Ukraine end?
The war must end with the victory of Ukraine. Only then is change possible within Russia itself.

How will Putin end?

Putin will be removed as soon as he becomes inconvenient for elites. Most likely, this will happen quietly and fearfully.

Maybe, he will spend three days lying around in his cabinet like one of his predecessors. But it is very possible that he will lose his head in exchange for sanctions relief.

In other words, the old man will become the fall guy and will be charged with everything that happened. Well, he certainly deserves that. However, his cronies won’t be able to get away with it either. We have taken note of every move.

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