Russian claims that its security services have arrested members of a Ukrainian sabotage network are false and part of an information operation by a fearful Kremlin, a Ukrainian military intelligence official has told Kyiv Post.

 Andriy Yusov said the “Kremlin regime and Russian propagandists are afraid of Ukraine and the Ukrainian special services,” adding “the safest option for them would be to surrender to Ukrainian justice.”

 He added: “They are right to [be afraid] because a fair trial will find everyone. Both for the occupation administration of Crimea and for other war criminals.”

 Russia’s FSB security service on Wednesday said it had arrested members of a Ukrainian sabotage network planning a series of attacks in Russian-occupied Crimea, including assassinations.

 The FSB said that the group had been planning to assassinate political leaders including the Moscow-installed head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov.

 The move comes after a series of drone attacks in Russian-occupied Crimea and train derailments in Russian territory itself.

 Kyiv has not officially taken responsibility for any of the attacks.

 Yusov also commented on recent reports that one of the biggest fears among the Russian population currently is the fear of acts of sabotage on their own territory, saying the feeling will be justified until “Russian troops are withdrawn from Ukraine, war criminals are extradited, and Ukraine is compensated for the damage caused.”

 He argued however that the “main danger” for Russians comes from the Putin regime and the fact that most of the population passively accepts this bloody regime.

 He added: “Paradoxically, Russians were not afraid to attack a peaceful neighboring country.

 “Still, for some reason, they are afraid of a defensive operation to liberate the occupied territories - a strange Russian logic.”

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Putin sent a couple of tank divisions into Ukraine 15 months ago.
One of those divisions made it into kyiv killing and torurting and raping as they went.
Ukrains defenders completely destroyed that tank division and the same will happen to the russian armies now occupying the east ofvukraine.
Putin is trying to gild the lilly.
Russia will get much more tha a single drone hitting the Kremlin.
Schoolboy bullies always scream the loudest.
I support
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