President Zelensky has said Ukraine’s domestically produced long-range weaponry managed to strike a target 700km away, deep inside Russia.

While the exact target was left unspecified, it is likely his statement refers to the recent attack on Russia's Pskov airport.

In a post on Telegram, he said: “We have successfully employed our long-range weapons: the target was struck at a distance of 700 kilometers.”

Earlier in the week, Ukrainian drones executed attacks across several regions of Russia, extending from the airport near the Estonian border to the Crimean peninsula. The Pskov airport sustained the most extensive damage in the attack.

Kremlin sources, citing emergency services, confirmed that four Il-76 transport planes suffered damage as a consequence of the assault.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukrainian intelligence, informed the Kyiv Post that four planes were "destroyed." He went on to mention, "We do not comment on [the number of drones used], but it will increase." 


Unverified videos circulated on social media seemed to substantiate Yusov's assertion regarding the destruction of the Russian aircraft rather than just damage.

Zelensky's recent statement suggests that Ukraine launched unidentified drones neither from Russia nor from NATO-member countries like Estonia or Latvia, which are situated in close proximity to Pskov – a claim made by commentators on Russian state media channels.

A New Phase in Arms Production: from American Warehouses to Ukrainian Factories
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A New Phase in Arms Production: from American Warehouses to Ukrainian Factories

In response to Russia's armed aggression Ukraine, once the world's breadbasket, has had to focus more on reinforcing it military arsenal along with most countries in the West.

The precise weaponry employed by the Ukrainians to strike the Pskov airbase remains unclear. The possibility of Chinese Murgin-5 drones, given their range, emerges, but questions linger about deploying 16 of them simultaneously.

Alternatively, Ukrainian Bober (Beaver) drones, notable for their range and payload capacity, are a possibility but are reportedly limited in mass production.

Then there are the Australian SYPAQ cardboard drones – carrying around 5 kg, these drones possess a low radar signature and are challenging to engage using substantial air defense systems, as well as small arms.


While Ukraine has obtained dozens of these drones, their limited range presents a conundrum, as they would typically lack the distance to reach Pskov from Ukrainian territory.

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Good work people.
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Congratulations to Ukraine on developing a home manufactured powerful missile capable of travelling 700k.
The nightmare just keeps getting darker every day doesn’t it Vlad Kurvas?