A Russian has described how his unit is fighting on the front with antiquated equipment against ferocious Ukrainian fire, adding if President Putin announces full mobilisation it could lead to a civil war.


In an intercepted call released by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), the man begins by describing to a woman how three of his comrades – “one young, and two old” – were killed by a Ukrainian shell that “flew straight into the trench” they were in.


The woman responds by asking: “Are there enough bullets? Ammunition?”


He replies by saying they “don’t have enough,” adding: “Imagine, they hit us 100 times a day, f**k it. And we hit them 20-25 times at most a day.”


The woman is furious at the news, saying on Russian state TV they report Moscow’s troops have plenty of ammunition and she’s seen videos of train loads of equipment being shipped to the front lines.


She then implies Putin mustn’t be aware of the real situation, adding that her father complains to her that the Russian president “doesn’t f**king know much.”


The soldier responds by saying he “knows everything,” adding: “Our ammunition is old from 1985-86. We have two machine guns from 1985.”


She replies: “Oh f**k, this is the Afghan War.”


The soldier agrees, telling her to make sure she tells her father of this.

ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 8, 2023
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ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 8, 2023

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They then discuss the future of the war in Ukraine with the woman saying that “publicists and military experts” have said to expect it to last until 2026.


The soldier ends with a warning, saying if this is true and Russia begins a full mobilzation “they will fight against themselves, [Putin’s] own troops will go against him.”


It’s not clear when the call was reported but on Tuesday, Russia’s Minister of Defence, Sergei Shoigu, said the “special military operation would last until at least 2025.


Blaming “cynical actions by the west and their henchmen in Kyiv” for prolonging the war, he said: “The consistent implementation of the measures in the action plan until 2025 will make it possible to achieve the planned goals.”

Though the intercepted call has not been verified, analysis of such conversations by Ukraine’s intelligence services indicates that Russia’s military finds itself in a dire situation in the face of Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive.

Previous calls include:

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those ruskies are done like a dinner on the battlefield,Ukraine gets stronger while russia fails in all areas,russian economy is also falling apart,the madman putin still thinks something might work in Ukraine,now he is playing by stalins rule book and trying to force hunger on Ukraine,poo-poo and his 3 day operation is a fail

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One can’t help feeling a bit sorry for poor old Putin and his inept mob of Kremlinistas. So, to help them out, I’ve drafted a recruitment poster:

Your country needs you…
and, well anybody really - criminals, kids, grandmas, but especially immigrants because they are rather more expendable. To go and fight in Ukraine, so that Putin can hopefully get a mention in future history books as a great leader, perhaps with even more Russian deaths to his name than Stalin! Here’s what you can expect:
No training
No pay
Perhaps a rusty old rifle, but more likely just a shovel
Vodka, but if you drink any you will be beaten by your officers who are themselves drunk
No vacation
No rest
If you grumble, you’ll be locked up
You’ll be promised a REMF job, then sent straight to the front line
Constant shelling by Ukraine with unlimited ammunition and superior weapons, and occasionally by your own side too
Constant attacks by well rested, well equipped, well trained and well motivated Ukrainians
No leadership
You’ll be expected to attack with no strategic or tactical thinking or planning
If you aren’t shot by the enemy and don’t win with your shovel, your own side will shoot you if you don’t press forwards
When you are injured, you’ll be left on the battlefield to die
When you are dead, you will be reported as missing so that there need be no payout to the wife and children you leave behind


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What are you waiting for? Join up today, and let your body fertilise the soil of Ukraine! Take up now, this fantastic opportunity to die needlessly for Putin’s ego! Report to your local recruiting office (if it hasn’t been burned down), and say “Canon-fodder Battalion, please!” Use the pass-phrase “I’m an imbecile!” to get an extra bottle of vodka, free!

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Shoigu is an optimist. He will continue making grand plans until the end is in plain sight, just like Hitler did