A former director of the Kremlin state TV channel RT who called for the genocide of Ukrainians has been poisoned, sources have told Kyiv Post.

In a post on Telegram on Christmas Eve, Anton Krasovsky described becoming ill at the beginning of the week.

He added: “People have been asking if I’m alive, if everything is ok. Well, what can I say?

“My stomach twisted sharply, I started to feel sick, then fainted. I was taken to the clinic.

“I am gradually coming to my senses.”

Krasovsky did not say how he fell ill but a source in the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) told Kyiv Post he had been poisoned.

The source claimed his condition “continues to deteriorate,” adding: “It is likely that the last messages on the network were not written by the propagandist himself.”


They did not provide any further details.

On Monday morning in response to Kyiv Post’s report, Kremlin state media said reported that Krasovsky’s fellow propagandist, Margarita Simonyan, had called him and he was “coming to his senses.”

Who is Anton Krasovsky?

Anton Krasovsky is a well-known Russian journalist and propagandist who was director of the Russian state media channel RT from 2020-2022.

In October 2022, speaking on air, Krasovsky called for genocide against Ukrainian children for their supposed anti-Russian views.

"They should have been drowned in the Tisza River, where the ducks float, drown these children, drown them,” he said.

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He also called for burning Ukrainian children in "spruce huts" in the Carpathians.

Despite Russian state media now regularly calling for genocide against Ukrainians, at the time Krasovsky’s comments caused such outrage he was fired from his job.

In an apology, Krasovsky said that he got "carried away" and that he "did not see the line" at which he had to stop.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion, Krasovsky has continued to celebrate the deaths of Ukrainian civilians.

After a missile strike in Vinnytsia in July 2022, which killed 23 people, he said: "Vinnytsia is not enough.” He added that he hoped for a “final solution. A real, military one.”


He also defended the beheading of Ukrainian POWs.

In February of this year, a Ukrainian court later sentenced Krasovsky in absentia to 5 years in prison for crimes against Ukraine.

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Russia Watcher
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There's a little more to his story that is worth mentioning. For years, Krasovsky was Russia's most visible and outspoken gay man, a positive voice for progressive social thinking, and it got him fired from RT. It sure looks like something scared him, and to compensate for his past, he started making extreme Russian nationalist comments that sound ridiculously stupid (like Medvedev, who was once the pro-business, pro-technology, pro-Western president of Russia).

Slava Ukraini
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He did say the Lord would purge that filth and abomination. He was right, but didn't realize he was the filth and abomination. Just waiting on Putin, dear Lord. Merry Christmas to the rest of civilization and new year with fewer evil Ruzzians.