The West operational command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) released a video on Telegram with the intriguing caption "A MAVIC drone captured a Russian soldier."

"The future has already arrived. Now our drones are capturing Russian soldiers," read the video's caption.

The footage depicts a Russian military man looking at the drone and slowly walking towards it. Subsequently, the video shows the Russian soldier surrendering to the AFU's military.

Kyiv Post could not independently verify when and where the footage was shot.

In an interview with Kyiv Post, a Ukrainian aerial scout explained that the drone guided the Russian to the point where he could surrender.

"It happens that MAVIC drops a note like: 'Go surrender, you won't be killed, and they will feed you.' And sometimes, a (Russian) soldier raises a white flag himself or signals with gestures or raised hands," they said.


"Then the MAVIC descends low and slowly flies, showing the way," he added.

According to the aerial scout, the MAVIC drone even "nods the camera" when communicating with the military, indicating "yes" or "no."

In addition, he described how MAVIC drones assist in delivering essential supplies such as medicine, water, food, and even cigarettes to exhausted AFU's soldiers wounded during assaults, while they await favorable conditions for evacuation.

In early January, the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade published a video showing how a Ukrainian soldier, captured by Russia and in an enemy trench, was successfully guided by a drone to Ukrainian positions.

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‘Extremely Brutal Russian Attack’: Massive Missile Strike on Kharkiv Kills Seven

President Zelensky has already reacted to the Russian attack, stating: “Extremely brutal Russian attack against Kharkiv and Lubotyn – according to preliminary data, 15 missiles at once.”

Fighters involved in this operation mentioned working with an attack drone in an area controlled by Russian troops. After eliminating the Russians, AFU soldiers noticed a tied up Ukrainian POW from another brigade in a trench.

"Our drone operator with the call sign Kevin began to attract the attention of that prisoner by flashing the lights on the MAVIC. The guy on the ground got his bearings and started following our drone," the military said.


When the drone was guiding the AFU's fighter to the Ukrainian positions, they encountered another surviving Russian soldier.

"The Russian did not see our 'bird,' which still had one grenade on it, and started waving his hands at the Ukrainian soldier, saying, 'Come back.'"

"Then Kevin threw a grenade at the occupier, wounded him, and continued to guide his comrade," the fighters added.

It should be noted that during the Russian-Ukrainian war, civilian drones of the DJI Mavic line became one of the most widespread means of combat intelligence.

Drones are used by both Ukraine and Russia for reconnaissance, adjusting artillery fire, and dropping improvised munitions (VOG-25 type) on enemy targets.

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