The US Senate made progress toward passing a bill containing $95.3 billion in aid for UkraineIsrael and Taiwan in a 64-19 vote on Friday, but uncertainty remained due to Republican opposition in both chambers of Congress.

Further preliminary votes may extend into next week unless lawmakers agree to fast-track the bill. The next discussion is expected to take place in a rare Sunday session.

The bill achieved a simple majority with support from 14 Republicans, but many in the party seek negotiations with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for amendments in exchange for swifter action.

However, some Republicans, particularly those who oppose the $61 billion allocated for Ukraine, aim to halt the progress by leveraging intricate parliamentary rules.

In earlier debates, Republicans demanded border security provisions alongside Ukraine aid, only to reject a bipartisan agreement once former President and Republican forerunner Donald Trump opposed it. 


At current, some seek to introduce amendments related to immigration control, while others call for a limit to foreign aid for weapons and supplies.

Should the bill pass the Senate, its fate in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives remains uncertain. Speaker Mike Johnson has suggested the aid could be split into separate bills.

“We'll see what the Senate does,” Johnson told reporters. “I've made very clear that you have to address these issues on their own merits.”

Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians
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Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians

In 2024, Ukraine has no choice but to keep fighting for survival. It requires a steady supply of Western assistance to counter the Russian offensive fueled by ramped-up military production.
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Sadly no meaningful support from the USA appears imminent as long as MRGA's 'insurrectionist in chief" citizen rump is allowed to pull the Republican GOP's strings. American's need to "lock him up" already given his numerous crimes and treasonous undertakings! Give him a children's 'Etch n sketch' or 'Lite Brite" set for as his only external communications tool, so as slow down the threat he represents to all democracies. Maybe to be humane also a tin can and a string to a nearby kennel so he can talk with the animals.

Putinrumps' MRGA cult has worked hard to deprive Ukraine of any USA support since day one of this russian initiated war (and even earlier if you consider the background to putinrump's first impeachment). Not all Republicans have such evil intent toward Ukraine, yet way too many continue to bow to putinrump's demands.

Delaying further Ukraine aid in the US House and at times in the Senate, has never been about fixing the USA's southern border. The MRGA leadership themselves just kiboshed this, their own lie, when they sabotaged the USA's best chance of ever fixing that because putinrump rump commanded he wanted to let it stay a crisis until he got in office again (Lord forbid!!!). The traitorous leadership of the MRGA cult solely work towards putin's interests. Highly trained con-people that they are, they manipulate and fleece their low IQ electorate, as needed to stay in power and sow disunity in the USA.
John Smith
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You are all going to die. Get out when you can. American money is not coming.
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This headline doesn’t make sense. Congress is the House and Senate combined. Change the word Congress to House and you have it right.
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Ukrainians need to understand that neither of the major political parties in the USA is their enemy. Both support the goals of Ukraine and despise the Russians.

This is a hotly contested election year and neither side will give the other an advantage.

The dems want to send more money to Ukraine, and so do Republicans, but they are demanding action on the porous southern border left undefended and regulated by the dems.

It as simple as this: Tighten the border and money will flow to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Tit for tat. Give us what we want and you will get what you want.

Steve G.
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@Imokru2, You have literally just told people who are being bombed every day that American political games during an election year are more important than their survival, and they just need to hold on until November. Completely tone deaf. Just go away, you’re an embarrassment to those of us who actually understand the gravity of the situation.

Joseph Swanson
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@Steve G., and you need to understand that you are a fucking moron. Imokru2 has a right to his opinion, if you don’t like it tough shit.