• Zelensky addresses “insane statements from Moscow” and thanks key allies for aid
  • Former Russian president and PM vows to take the “Russian” cities of Kyiv and Odesa
  • Ukraine in final preparations for delivery of F-16s

President Zelensky says only Ukrainian victory will restore some sobriety in Russia

In his nightly address on Feb. 22, President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed heated rhetoric from the Kremlin, saying:

“The more insane statements we hear from Moscow, the greater our strength must be. It is only the power of our defense of life, our ability to achieve our own goals that can bring Russia back to a state of at least partial sobriety. Russian madness has to lose this war. We will do everything for this. I am grateful to everyone who fights for Ukraine, works for Ukraine and helps!”

These remarks in particular address former Russian President and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s claims that Kyiv is a “Russian” city currently threatening Russia’s existence.


Zelensky also discussed new aid from several European and other international allies, especially Denmark, the UK and New Zealand:

“Denmark – the 15th defense package has been announced. Ammunition, drones, reinforcement for our warriors. Thank you. I appreciate that all our agreements with Mette, Mrs. Prime Minister of Denmark, are being perfectly implemented. The United Kingdom – there is an announcement about the preparation of a package. In particular, it will contribute to repelling Russian assaults. There is a package from New Zealand that will strengthen our logistics, intelligence and communications.”

Approaching the Second Anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Medvedev doubles down on Moscow’s original goal of taking Kyiv

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According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the former Putin-controlled president of Russia has reiterated the Kremlin’s original goals for its invasion of Ukraine:

“Russian Security Council Deputy Chairperson Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia would likely have to seize Kyiv sooner or later while identifying Russia’s possible further territorial objectives in Ukraine.

“Medvedev responded in an interview published on Feb. 22 to a question asking if there will ‘still be any part of Ukraine left that [Russia] will consider as a legitimate state, whose borders [Russia] will be ready to recognize.’


“Medvedev stated that Russia must ‘ensure its interests’ by achieving the goals of the ‘special military operation’ as laid out by Russian President Vladimir Putin – referring to Russian demands for Ukraine’s ‘demilitarization,’ ‘denazification,’ and neutrality.

“Medvedev reiterated Russia’s intention of changing the government in Ukraine, stating that it ‘must fall, it must be destroyed, it must not remain in this world.’

“Medvedev claimed that Russia must create a ‘protective cordon’ in order to protect against ‘encroachments on [Russia’s] lands,’ including shelling and active offensive operations.

“Medvedev stated that he does not know where Russia should ‘stop’ but that Russia ‘probably’ must seize and occupy Kyiv ‘if not now then after some time.’

“Medvedev claimed that Kyiv is historically a ‘Russian’ city from where ‘international’ threats to Russia’s existence currently originate. Medvedev also labeled Odesa a historical ‘Russian’ city.


President Zelensky says final preparations for F-16 arrival are underway

The arrival of F-16s were the lead-off for President Zelensky’s address to the nation on Feb. 22. Zelensky said that, in addition to other pressing issues discussed in his morning staff meeting that day, his team outlined “our country’s preparation for the transition to F-16s – there was a special report on this.

“All the parameters for the first batch of aircraft: specific delivery dates, the necessary technical and infrastructure support. The details are positive,” said Zelensky.

In particular, he emphasized the need to strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force to work toward achieving air superiority in the skies over the nation. “This year, our Air Force will become stronger, and this is a fundamental task. Specifically, this means protection against Russian guided bombs and new capabilities on the front line in general,” he said.

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