An overnight Russian drone attack in Odesa destroyed 18 apartments in a high-rise building, killing five people, including one two-year-old, and at least eight more were injured.

Ukrainian emergency services reported on Facebook earlier that two dead bodies were dug out from the rubble, and that they had managed to rescue four people.

Large-scale rescue operations continued at the site Saturday morning, with 92 emergency workers, many volunteers from various organizations, as well as fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency equipment.

Firefighters said that they had eliminated the fire in an area of 50 square meters.

The overnight Russian attack also damaged a nearby boiler house, leaving 11 apartment buildings without heat supply. Emergency services reported that a temporary accommodation for residents had been found.


Warming and psychological assistance centers were also set up to help more than 100 people seeking assistance.

Volunteer organizations with the help of the Red Cross organized meals.

Russian drone attacks hitting civilians is a regular occurrence of the country’s ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Around the same time as the Russian drone strikes in Odesa, there was another in the Kharkiv region, in the village of Velykyi Burluk, there, Russian drones hit an elderly man’s home, killing a 76-year-old.

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I feel emergency medical services and civic peace keeping could be valued roles for our NATO peacekeepers to take on in Ukraine.

Serving this benevolent / humanitarian purpose away from the front line could not possibly give Putin the justification he threatens nuclear war over. What it would do though is free up Ukrainian resources.

If however his forces did intentionally take out a clearly humanitarian assigned NATO asset and NATO personal were injured / murdered, then that would clearly be grounds for NATO to take out all russian sources of similar threats.

NATO please be useful for at least this good cause and better support the democratic nation doing the dangerous work needed to take out your member's biggest threat in 70 years. You embarrass us all member nations electorate by not being more useful in this Democratically critical war.

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@John, Well said John, Very True!