Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr Syrsky, who took command at the beginning of last month, stated that he is now at the eastern front and announced personnel changes among brigade commanders. 

“Within three days, it became completely clear why, in the case of the same staffing, weapons and military equipment, some brigades manage to hold back enemy attacks and hold their positions, while others do not,” Syrsky wrote on Telegram. 

Syrsky said that he’s sent specialists to some brigades that have been having performance problems and in some cases, he is replacing the leadership.

“In some cases, when the commander does not control the situation, and the actions and commands directly pose a threat to the life and health of subordinates, I am forced to make personnel decisions,” Syrsky said.


In his post, Syrsky also said that he’s moved one brigade of soldiers who have been fighting continuously for two years to the rear to recuperate.

While Syrsky did not specify which brigade that was, Ukrainska Pravda reported that he was probably talking about the 110th separate mechanized brigade named after Corporal General Mark Bezruchka, which defended Avdiivka.

Overall, “the situation at the front remains difficult, but controlled,” Syrsky said.

Syrsky also praised the 54th Armored Brigade, which he said destroyed two columns of Russian armored vehicles with accurate artillery fire in combination with competent mining, the steadfastness and courage of the soldiers of the 25th and 47th Armored Brigades in the battles for Orlivka and Berdychi, and the determination and courage of the soldiers of the 79th Armored Brigade in repelling Russian attacks in Novomykhailivka.

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