The Special Operations Forces (SSO) announced the successful destruction of the Zhitel Russian electronic warfare complex, sharing dramatic footage of the explosive moment via Telegram.

The complex was detected by operators of reconnaissance unmanned aircraft from the 3rd separate regiment of the SSO during surveillance in the Zaporizhzhya region.

Following the target, SSO fighters relayed coordinates to an artillery unit of the Ukrainian Defense Forces for a precise strike.

The video also captured the radio interception of Russian military communications, as they noticed a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone circling near the radio-electronic warfare complex.

Uncertain of its intentions, the Russians ultimately decided to shoot it down. The dramatic footage then reveals the grandiose explosion of the Russian complex.


"Thanks to the coordinated effort, another Zhitel and its crew did not survive the HIMARS missile attack adjusted by SSO operators," the message stated.

Typically manned by a crew of four, the Zhitel complex is designed for automated detection, direction finding, and analysis of radio signals within the working frequency range.

As reported by ArmiyaInform, the Zhitel automated jamming station poses significant challenges to both GPS and mobile users.

Military analysts noted that Russian troops have employed the R-330Zh Zhitel station since 2014 in Donbas, with earlier versions used during the first Chechen campaign.

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Immediately after President Biden’s announcement, the Pentagon revealed a $1 billion aid package for Kyiv, utilizing the fresh funding, on its way to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have previously eliminated several of these stations during combat operations. The first Zhitel wreckage was discovered during the battles for Kyiv, with subsequent reports detailing the destruction of these electronic warfare complexes in the east and Kharkiv regions.

Alongside the destruction of the Zhitel station, SSO fighters shared the outcomes of their operations on the southern operational front, posting a video titled "FPV drones of the SSO hit enemy targets."


The footage revealed the obliteration of a Russian GAZ-66 truck with personnel, as well as the dropping of ammunition into a Russian troop dugout by Ukrainian FPV drones, resulting in "enemy losses and its retreat from positions."

The video also captured a kamikaze drone strike on Russian infantry and the destruction of a disguised Russian boat, detonated by ammunition dropped from a Ukrainian drone.

Previously, the SSO reported the successful destruction of the Russian Zoopark-1 surveillance and fire control radar complex, a highly valued asset often boasted about by the Russian military. The radar station, along with its crew, was annihilated. According to data from open sources, the estimated cost of the complex is approximately $10-15 million.

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The loss of the equipment hurts Russia, but the loss of trained and experienced technicians is even worse.
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Slow the Russians back tò hell