The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) said it destroyed a Russian Hyacinth-S 152-mm self-propelled gun 2S5 using an American HIMARS system.

“The Hyacinth-S was destroyed in the occupied southern region,” reads the description of the video released on Telegram.

The Russian gun was detected by the 73rd Maritime Center of the SSO doing reconnaissance along the southern front line, where it had been firing at Ukrainian Defense Forces.

After relaying coordinates to a Ukrainian Defense Forces artillery unit, the SSO fighters executed a precise strike, their post reads.

“The enemy's cannon managed to fire only a few shots before it was completely destroyed by HIMARS fire,” it says.


Verification of the video's date and location could not be independently confirmed by Kyiv Post. While the equipment displayed resembles the Hyacinth cannon, definitive identification is challenging due to the video's low quality.

The 152mm self-propelled gun 2S5 “Hyacinth-S” is specifically designed for counter-battery combat, destroying firing points and field structures, and combating heavy self-propelled artillery installations and enemy tanks.

Equipped with a multi-seal muzzle brake, the 2S5 barrel provides a high initial velocity to projectiles, achieving a maximum firing range of approximately 27,000 meters with conventional ammunition.

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Russian milbloggers seem convinced it was American ATACMS missiles. If it was it means Washington has handed over top-end, harder-hitting models of the weapon.

In some sources, this figure is cited as 28,400 meters. Additionally, it can reach up to 40,000 meters when utilizing active-reactive projectiles, according to some accounts.

The 2S5 utilizes a family of 152mm cartridge-charged ammunition tailored for this installation and the 2A36 towed gun, which previously included projectiles with tactical nuclear charges.

In late March, Ukrainian servicemen reportedly destroyed a Russian Buk missile system using the American HIMARS system.


Before this operation, the SSO had announced the destruction of the Zhitel Russian electronic warfare complex with HIMARS.

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