Ukrainian snipers eliminated a group of Russian soldiers in southern Ukraine, a statement published Monday by the Special Operations Forces (SSO) via Telegram says.

“What the destruction of a group of Russian soldiers looks like through the eyes of snipers of the 73rd SSO center,” the video caption reads.

According to the report, four Russian soldiers were shot in the Kherson sector at night, when a group of them began to move positions.

“Our operators immediately noticed the movement. Realizing that the enemy could disappear from view at any moment, SSO snipers accurately targeted and eliminated them,” the report said.

The specific weapon used and the distance of the shots were not disclosed by the Special Ops.

The video partially the sniper action, however, Kyiv Post could not independently verify the date and location of the footage.


In March, Special Ops reported the elimination of six Russian soldiers in the Kherson sector during night operations.

These operations add to a recent string of successful operations by the SSO. Previously, a Ukrainian sniper downed a Russian ZALA-type drone valued at 3 million rubles (approximately $33,000).

In November 2023, a sniper from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) set a world record for a shot that killed a Russian soldier almost four kilometers away. The SBU sniper hit the target at a distance of 3,800 meters, surpassing the previous record of 3,540 meters.

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