Senate Republicans have offered Democrats a deal.

They will approve $60 billion to pay for arms for Ukraine in exchange for funds and enforcement reforms to strengthen US border security.

Democrats need to grab that deal straight away.

To be clear, I think it is outrageous that the Republicans have put a price on their support for the defense of the free world. But still, they are offering that support in exchange for that price.

This being the case, that price needs to be paid.

The alternative is total catastrophe.

If the US cuts off its support for Ukraine, that country will fall to Russian invasion.

In that case, Russia will be greatly strengthened both materially and technically, and its armed forces will be advanced to the borders of NATO allies Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Furthermore, Russia’s strategic weakness along its southwest border, which constrains its ability to invade the Baltic states, will be cured.


With Ukraine’s army deleted from the West’s order of battle, the US would either have to send 500,000 of its own troops to Europe to defend the continent or – more likely, given the rise of the Putin Republicans – watch NATO collapse, as first the Germans, then others, cut their deals with the continent’s new Russia-China axis overlords.

With the US discredited as an ally, Taiwan will have no choice but to capitulate to China, while Japan and South Korea will be forced to initiate crash programs to develop their own nuclear arsenals. This will turn Asia into a tinder box for Armageddon.

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Even if global war is somehow avoided, the new world order will be anything but beneficial for the United States, as America’s enemies depress our economy by dictating the rules and outcomes for international business.

But America won’t have to wait that long to feel the outcome of a Ukrainian debacle. When Biden chose defeat in Afghanistan, handing over 40 million Afghans to the Taliban, he lost much of his political clout. If he chooses defeat in Ukraine, he will be utterly crushed by Trump in the fall. That could potentially mean the end of our constitutional Republic.


So there is no choice. The Dems must either accept the deal or watch the world go up in flames.

As for the immigration and border enforcement changes the GOP is demanding, let them have them. If they turn out for the good, take credit for the compromise. If they turn out for the bad, let them take the blame. But for the love of God, dear Democrats, take the deal.

But President Biden must do more than just take the deal. He must decide to fight the war to win. His policy of slow-rolling arms delivery to Ukraine needs to be abandoned, as it is both morally depraved and imbecilic. It is morally depraved because it has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. It is imbecilic because it risks losing the war. Its principal author, NSC Director Jake Sullivan, needs to be dismissed, and replaced by a competent advisor committed to victory.

Because victory is both necessary and possible. Ukraine has mobilized a large and brave army. What it needs to prevail is air power. The United States has 2,000 F-16s that we no longer use for any other purpose but target practice. Armed with long-range air-to-ground stand-off weapons and supplemented by a readily available arsenal of long-range ground-to-ground missiles and drones, these could cut off the supplies reaching the Russian front from behind.


Under those conditions, the Russians’ extensive frontline defenses will need to be abandoned, and like sentry boxes without sentries, readily be overrun by a victorious Ukrainian advance.

There may be some in the Democratic Party ranks who see a political opportunity in allowing Ukraine to collapse and then blaming the catastrophe on the GOP. This is unacceptable. In 1940 FDR did not allow Britain to fall so he could blame the disaster on the America Firsters.

\No, within a month of the Dunkirk evacuation he sent the British 1 million rifles, 7,000 field artillery guns, and 100 million rounds of ammunition. That is how a president needs to behave in a crisis. Biden is president. The buck stops with him.

Again, I fully understand that the GOP position is totally asinine. But consider the following thought problem:

Little Sally is drowning in the ocean. The only other people present are her grandfather, who can’t swim, and a lifeguard.

Grandpa: Save her!

Lifeguard: I will only do it if you pay me $100.

Grandpa: No way!

Little Sally is Ukraine, the lifeguard is the GOP. Biden is in Grandpa’s position. Should he let Sally drown rather than submit to the lifeguard’s extortion?


Because that is the moral equivalent of the current political situation. Giving the GOP their way on immigration regulations is an insignificant concession compared to the consequences of a Ukrainian defeat. Regulation changes can always be undone later. A Russian conquest of Ukraine cannot.

Even if all the Democrats’ Progressive wing cares about is the immigration issue, they should consider this: In the wake of an administration debacle over Ukraine, Trump will almost certainly take the White House. The immigration policies he will enact will be far more draconian than anything currently being proposed by the Senate Republicans.

Furthermore, should Putin conquer Ukraine, he will inflict massacres on that country not only to crush any potential resistance but to intentionally flood Europe with millions of refugees to stoke the fortunes of ultra-right wing parties allied to the Kremlin.

So President Biden, you now have a choice. Herd the Democratic cats in Congress to accept the deal and achieve a victory that will secure Europe and restore global deterrence, or accept a catastrophic defeat, leading to the collapse of the Western-led world order, global chaos, and quite possibly, the end of the American republic.

Take the deal, Joe. Take it and run with it.

Robert Zubrin is an American aerospace engineer. His next book, The New World on Mars: What Can We Create on the Red Planet will be published in February 2024 by Diversion Books.


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I checked out the Wikipedia article on this 71 year old American bred, raised and educated aerospace engineer and its pretty impressive.

Having spent his entire 71 years as an American living in the USA, he's probably as savvy on how politics works in the USA as most. The slow walking of allied support to date chaps my britches as well. Its made the war drag on longer then needed. Still Ukraine's heroic defence has actually gone a lot better than anyone in allied military circles initially expected. The costs remain modest compared with the huge resulting destruction of the US nemesis's russian military. Well done Ukraine!!!

The author did make a surprising mistake attributing blame for the Afghanistan debacle to a single president (should be 4 presidents), which "Coach John" below corrected. Fair enough. The USA border crisis is definitely due more attention, but holding Ukraine support up for this is immoral. The USA can do both. Also keep in mind this monumental and rapidly escalating board crisis should primarily be attributed to putin's hybrid war against the USA ....and again not any single presidents fault. If this is a new thing for you to hear, keep in mind Putins' also creating refugee streams to destabilize Italy, Poland, Turkey's, the UKs and Finland's borders. As with cybercrime / theft, dissent spreading fake news and political meddling, stimulating a refugee crisis is a proven means by which putin undermines our democracies.
Big K
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Not surprisingly, you don't understand US politics, just as most people in the US (including me) don't understand Ukrainian politics. You provide a one dimensional and insulting analogy. A slightly better analogy would be, little Sally falls in the ocean and Grandpa Joe says, "we have to save her!" Republicans have continuously voted to save little Sally, but the lifeguard wants more money but never quite saves her. The Republicans have been begging the the lifeguard to save another little girl too, but Grandpa Joe and the Democrats have been saying, "we're not interested in your granddaughter." Republicans are tired of this political game of power. Now Democrats and Republicans must make a deal so that both little girls are saved. It's still a dumb analogy, but this is somewhat more realistic.
Jerome Petruk
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Respectfully, Mr. Zubrin needs to understand that the US border situation is an invasion in every sense except shooting. The grandpa analogy is wrong, insulting, and stupid. Krep on writing garbage like this, and watch Mr. Zubrin alienate all Ukraine's supporters!
Coach John
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I cannot tell if Mr. Zubrin is purposefully dishonest or clueless concerning the United States current troubles in funding and supporting Ukraine. A few things that Ukrainian supporters should know:
* Zubrin blames Biden for the loss of Afghanistan. It was Trump's administration, led by American Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, who cut out the Afghan National government and struck a deal with the Taliban for the U.S. to withdraw. Before being forced from office, Trump's government released 5,000 battle-hardened Taliban who led the offensive that toppled Kabul. Biden inherited this enormous mess from Trump and had a legal obligation to implement the peace deal made by Trump's government.

* Zubrin's hair-on-fire demand that the Democrats accept the blackmail of the GOP concerning the U.S./Mexico border issue. The fact is that the Biden administration has included $12 billion for reforms to border security and immigration practices, but the GOP refuses this generous compromise. It is an election year, and the Republicans WANT Ukraine to lose so they can hang that loss around Biden's neck.
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$183 not $100

that's what $61 trillion divides out to if you ask every person living in the USA to split the cost equally

Little Sally is drowning in the ocean. The only other people present are her grandfather, who can’t swim, and a lifeguard.

Grandpa: Save her!

Lifeguard: I will only do it if you pay me $100.

Grandpa: No way!

...also, Who pushed Little Sally into the pool?