Ukrainian Air Force Colonel Yuriy Ihnat said Russia likely has around 870 missiles, which include a variety of Kinzhal, Kalibr and Iskander units.

During last year’s winter attack on Ukrainian infrastructure, Russia launched more than 1,100 cruise missiles and a similar number of Shahed kamikaze drones at Ukraine.

“During six months of attacks on the energy industry (from Sept. 9 to March 12), we shot down 750 cruise missiles and about 1,100 were launched... the same number of drones were launched – more than 1,000 and up to 750 were destroyed,” Ihnat told  RBC Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Southern Military Command estimated there were about 800 Russian missiles in Crimea.

Ihnat said that while Russia’s goal to destroy Ukraine remains unchanged, its relatively fewer attacks against Ukrainian energy infrastructure as compared to last winter is likely due to a lack of resources.


“If they have not yet launched such strikes, they can do so on any other day. But they don't have as many resources as last year,” he said.

However, the largest air strike on Ukraine’s capital ever came this winter on Nov. 25, when Kyiv downed 74 out of 75 drones deployed by Russia.

He added that Shahed drones have taken a more active role in Russia’s invasion and remained a risk for Ukraine.

“Now the situation with the Russians is different – they have the opportunity to both produce and receive more drones from Iran,” he said.

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“Russia is banking on Europe and the West going soft, and some in Europe are playing along,” von der Leyen told the European Parliament.

As Kyiv Post reported at the end of October, Russia has been producing domestic variants of the Shahed drones under the “Geran” designation. Analysts found foreign-made components inside drones that were manufactured this year, indicating that Russia is still capable of producing new drones or acquiring them through Iran. 

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