Polish farmers will suspend their protest at the Medyka border crossing from Sunday, but strike actions by truckers at three other locations will intensify.

The leader of the farmers, Roman Kondrow, said as a result of talks with Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Siekierski, the protest will be called off temporarily until either the 2nd or 3rd of Jan.

But elsewhere, truckers said they would continue their protests and only allow one commercial truck every three hours. Currently, they are letting three every hour to pass.

The announcement comes shortly after Ukraine and Poland agreed on an action plan to unblock border points between the two countries currently paralysed by the ongoing trucker strike.

A report of a meeting between Ukrainian Deputy Ministers Serhiy Derkach and Yuriy Vaskov, and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Poland Pawel Gancarz on Friday, stated: “The key result of the meeting is the agreement on common positions to unblock the border.


“The parties reached an understanding on compromise solutions and their implementation.”

It added that the next stage will be negotiations at the level of the Polish ministry and the protesters.

The latest reports say there are currently 4,000 vehicles queued and waiting to cross the border.

The truckers have been blocking the border for over a month to demand the reintroduction of restrictions to enter the European Union for their Ukrainian competitors.

The bloc had waived the permits system after Russia invaded Ukraine, but the Polish road carriers say the move took a toll on their earnings.

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So what are we saying? The Polish farms’s problem is the EU, so let’s take it out on the Ukrainians? 4,000 trucks!!! What the hell’s wrong with your government. Are they slackers?
I’m certainly not fully informed, but from my PERSONAL view, Poland no longer stands tallest amount those defending the weak against the stronger, and that deeply pains my heart that carries the warmth, respect, and image born by such greats as Lech Wałęsa.

If wrong, I apologize.