Ukraine’s Western operational command posted a video on its Telegram channel that shows a Russian ammunition depot in the Zaporizhzhia area being obliterated by the 44th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) using an FH70 howitzer.

“The 44th separate artillery brigade shows a master class on sorting and disposing of garbage,” the caption to the video read.

“We continue our work. The enemy will be destroyed and defeated,” they added.

The footage shows Ukrainian soldiers loading the howitzer, followed by thunderous shots resonating through the air. A subsequent drone view captures the spectacular explosion as the depot was hit.

The FH70 155 mm towed self-propelled howitzer entered AFU service in May 2022. Ukrainian gunners emphasized their effectiveness, noting that the howitzer was accurate on the second shot.


“The accuracy is such that the first projectile falls near the target within about 50-60 meters, and the second projectile can already hit the target,” the Ukrainian gunner was quoted as saying in the Militarnyi publication.

The FH70 employs a 1.7-liter Volkswagen engine, which powers the gun's hydraulics when it is deployed or retracted but also allows the howitzer to move independently. The engine propels the gun at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour that, according to the gunners, makes it possible to quickly hide the gun within a forest after firing.

“Personnel is almost not strained, as almost everything in the howitzer is hydraulic,” the Ukrainian servicemen noted.

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The AFU Western operational command earlier reported that Ukrainian troops had repelled repeated attacks by Russian forces towards Zaporizhzhia, successfully destroying personnel and equipment.

This latest incident follows a previous assault by Russian forces near Robotyne on Feb. 17, during which Ukrainian defenders repelled four enemy attacks on Ukrainian positions west of Verbove and Robotyne.

A lieutenant of the AFU, known as Alex, shared footage on his Telegram channel of Russian forces retreating after a failed assault. According to him, the AFU destroyed nearly all Russian equipment involved.


“Some wounded and survivors fell into our trenches; our infantry finished them off,” he reported.

Despite the failed assault, Alex hinted that it could signal “the start of something bigger.”

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