A video first released by Ukraine’s 3rd Assault Brigade, a combat unit raised and mostly recruited in greater Kyiv, showed a drone releasing an anti-personnel munition able to pound an area about the size of a basketball court with hundreds of projectiles.

The images first made public by the unit on Monday show a circular air burst and a rectangular area of ground approximately 8 meters by 50 meters pelted with strikes.

Three soldiers, in the video identified as Russian army service members, are cut down by the shrapnel-like fragments or slugs, following the detonation of a white object momentarily visible in the upper left of the images.

Ukrainian combat units have published tens of thousands of drone strike videos since Russia’s February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, but almost all are of an FPV drone crashing into a target and exploding, using kamikaze tactics. A minority of drones are used to drop small bombs. Video of air-bursting munitions is rare. The video authors did not say the type of weapon used by the drone.


The pattern of shrapnel impacts on the ground was similar to the lethal zone produced by the detonation of a 1950s-era US-made Claymore anti-personnel mine. The weapon first fielded in the Korean War by the US Army to stop massed People’s Republic infantry attacks fires a directed charge propelling more than 700 steel ball bearings in a flat, cone-shaped arc. As designed, the densely packed ball bearings are deadly out to ranges of 50-100 meters.

Ukrainian Long-Range Missile Strike Hammers Russian Airfield in Crimea, Maybe ATACMS
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Ukrainian Long-Range Missile Strike Hammers Russian Airfield in Crimea, Maybe ATACMS

Russia milbloggers said that US-made ATACMS missiles were used in a damaging attack against Dzhankoi airfield. Kyiv Post research confirmed ballistic missiles of some kind struck the base.

The video did not show the drone aircraft used. Other possible munitions used in the strike could have been a Soviet-produced MON anti-personnel mine, a weapon with similar performance to the US Claymore.

A home-made weapon built of metal fragments or shotgun shot packed onto a directed explosive charge, and triggered remotely, might also have been used in the attack, Kyiv Post researchers said.

Kyiv Post researchers confirmed the video probably showed a rare drop of an anti-personnel munition to explode above soldiers. The blast pattern was like the beaten area covered by a US-made Claymore anti-personnel mine.

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Ukraine is willing to take our waste weapons...those scheduled for costly disposal in our allied nations. With skill and ingenuity they put it to lethal use in dismantling a key NATO enemy and the growing treat it openly states represents.

Every allied leadership wasting taxpayers money to domestically dispose of dated weapons, without first running it by Ukraine to see if they still want it.....well in my opinion they should have their paycheques garnished until this needless debt to tax payers is recovered.

Yes I know dated weapons come with a higher risk. There are always ways to mitigate this. Stop thinking inside your boxes. Let that risk be assessed in conjunction with the very skilled Ukrainian forces. They have more more war and weapons modification / salvaging experience than probably anyone in our forces currently.

As we help them, we learn from them.