The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) reported via Telegram the elimination of nine Russian soldiers with the assistance of first-person view (FPV) drones, as well as the destruction of several pieces of military equipment.

“The SSO eliminated the enemy in the Donetsk region,” the caption accompanying the released video said.

Operators from the 8th separate SSO regiment, operating in the Donetsk direction, managed to destroy one Russian armored personnel carrier and two infantry fighting vehicles during a single combat sortie, utilizing FPV drones, according to the report.

Additionally, SSO fighters eliminated nine Russian soldiers and wounded three others.

The video depicted Ukrainian kamikaze drones targeting Russian soldiers, some of whom attempted to evade the UAVs, and also dropping ammunition on the Russian forces. Towards the end of the footage, Ukrainian drones were observed striking several pieces of Russian military equipment.


Kyiv Post analysts were unable to independently verify the location and date of the video recording.

This mission marks another achievement for the Special Ops, who have recently demonstrated success utilizing FPV drones. Earlier in the week, SSO fighters reported destroying several pieces of Russian heavy equipment, including a T-72 tank, and eliminating 11 Russian soldiers.

Previously, the Special Ops announced the destruction of a Russian field ammunition warehouse and the elimination of three Russian soldiers in the southern region. Special Ops fighters inflicted fire damage on the targets using FPV drones in conjunction with a 122mm D-30 howitzer.

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