An abandoned Russian mobile phone has provided first person footage of a failed armored assault on Ukrainian positions in the Serebryansʹkyy nature reserve in Luhansk region.

The video begins by showing its owner – a Russian tank driver – climbing into his vehicle. As he does so, he looks into the camera and sticks out his tongue.

Ahead of the tank, a MT-LB armored fighting vehicle loaded with Russian soldiers trundles past which the tank then follows.

Both vehicles make their way towards Ukrainian positions where things quickly unravel.

The footage was released by the defending Ukrainians, part of the 100th Volyn Defense Brigade which found the phone after the attack and spliced it together with drone footage.

The MT-LB comes under fire as the soldiers disembark while the tank comes follows behind.


The tank then hits a mine which appears to disable it.

After firing off a few rounds the tank’s crew – including the owner of the mobile phone – abandon it and try to escape on foot.

Kyiv Post could not verify the time or location of the footage.

According to the 100th Volyn Defense Brigade, the Russian troops “predictably suffered a powerful fire attack.”

They then used drone-dropped grenades to finish off the rest of the soldiers. They also claim that a body at the very end of the video is that of the tank driver.

Parts of Ukraine are swiftly becoming vast graveyards for large amounts of Russian armor as the Kremlin continues to throw huge numbers of men and materiel at Ukrainian positions.

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In the Donetsk region, new videos from the battlefields around Avdiivka illustrate the huge resources Russia is expending in its now months-long effort to take the city.

Geo-located footage released by the Khorne Group of the Ukrainian military, shows dozens of burnt out and destroyed Russian vehicles along the route into Stepove, north of Avdiivka.

In a post on Telegram, the Khorne Group described the scene as an “installation made from burnt equipment, adding: “There are many places like this.”


At least one Russian source confirmed the claim – commenting on a screenshot of the video, pro-Kremlin milblogger Anatoli Radov, wrote: “I’m often accused of exaggerating the number of damaged vehicles, but this is just one of the intersections of forest belts in the Avdiivka area, and there are dozens of such places.”

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