Residents of Russia’s Belgorod region are considering having to evacuate from border areas because of ongoingfierce fighting between pro-Kyiv militias and Russian regular troops.

In an intercepted call published by Ukraine's military intelligence directorate (HUR), a civilian woman says, “Everyone who can leave - leave en masse. They say that people are leaving, well, those who are richer, probably, who have somewhere to go.”

Speaking on the phone, the woman says to her contact that she won't leave the village until “staying there is no longer possible.”

The woman says “We'll be watching. I don't know...if staying here becomes no longer possible, we will go to Belgorod. People are leaving. It's a total nightmare here.”

She goes on “And Julia came in here. She said the Grayvoron [Belgorod’s most Western village] is being evacuated to Rakitnoye. Grayvoron is being evacuated. Is it clear? Yes, yes, yes. So, they come and come, more and more. Can you imagine?”


Speaking further, the woman alleges that Russian authorities will be forced to declare wider mobilization due to the escalation on the border.

“Well, there will be 100% mobilization. It has already been said here that people from the military enlistment office say that there will be mobilization,” the woman says.

“Yeah. Well, maybe they'll recruit some people to help finish it all.” [infiltration of the border regions]

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“Sasha, what should I do? Look, there are many dead and wounded already, and who should fight? Maybe they'll take someone who used to fight in Chechnya…” the woman adds.

The raids and operations in the border regions mark a significant escalation in the war, with anti-Kremlin volunteer forces undertaking the largest cross-border incursion since the full-scale Russian invasion began.

Despite Russian claims of success in repelling the raids, the militias maintain that their forces are organized, on mission, and achieving their objectives.


The raids are ongoing, with panic evident among Russian troops and civilians alike. The extent of damage to civilian properties has primarily been due to shelling and bombing by Russian army units.

Earlier, LSR volunteer fighter Alexey Baranovsky, in exclusive comments to Kyiv Post, confirmed reports of civilian houses being shelled by the Russian army in combat with the anti-Putin fighters.

When the Russian military believes that rebel assault troops or Russian anti-Kremlin forces are present in certain areas, they unleash indiscriminategunfire, mortars, and artillery bombardments, Baranovsky said.

Civilians in Russia’s Belgorod region complain that they cannot sleep at night because the Russian military has deployed military equipment in residential areas and is opening fire from there.

In an intercepted call released by Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR) on Thursday, March 14, a woman living in the Belgorod region revealed that the Russian authorities had placed BM-21 122mm Grad MLRS launchers at a street intersection near her home in a residential neighborhood.

“They destroyed half of Gorkovsky, a village in the Hraivoronsky district of the Belgorod region, they say. And now they’re still doing it,” the woman says in a phone conversation.


“They decided to put Grads at the intersection near Kirpichne. It’s so loud, it’s like a f*cking nightmare at the junction.”

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