Civilians in Russia’s Belgorod region complain that they cannot sleep at night because the Russian military has deployed military equipment in residential areas and is opening fire from there.

In an intercepted call released by Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR) on Thursday, March 14, a woman living in the Belgorod region revealed that the Russian authorities had placed BM-21 122mm Grad MLRS launchers at a street intersection near her home in a residential neighborhood.

“They destroyed half of Gorkovsky, a village in the Hraivoronsky district of the Belgorod region, they say. And now they’re still doing it,” the woman says in a phone conversation.

“They decided to put Grads at the intersection near Kirpichne. It’s so loud, it’s like a f*cking nightmare at the junction.”


The woman adds that she could not sleep all night because of the constant firing.

“And me, too, I didn’t sleep a wink tonight, all night long. It’s a nightmare!”

Fighting between pro-Ukrainian Russian “freedom fighters” and the Kremlin’s troops is continuing in Russia's Belgorod region.

Pro-Ukrainian groups such as the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), the Russian Freedom Legion (LSR), and the Siberia Battalion are taking part in fighting close to the Ukrainian border.

The combat action began on Tuesday, March 12, after an advance the Russian volunteers said they had been planning for months to coincide with Putin's “fake elections.”

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A source from HUR told the Kyiv Post on Thursday, that Belgorod authorities are blocking the evacuation of Russian civilians to keep people in the region to participate in the election which runs from March 15-17.

According to the source, train stations are blocked off for people trying to leave Belgorod, saying “If there were an evacuation, there would be no election.”

The ballot, according to the volunteer groups now fighting in Belgorod, is only a show “election intended to rubber-stamp President Vladimir Putin’s continued rule.”


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U.s. media fails again to report these Putin pumps his meat grinder....
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Russian internal combatants...three distinct groups..and media fail to report this?....fears of a Crimean revolt force?..awesome ! Putin is a dead man to Patriarch Kirill.
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Terrorists often hide behind civilians. Seems the Russians do it too. So, they are terrorists, hiding behind their own people.