The Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) shared an intercepted call via Telegram from a resident of the Belgorod region, alleging Russian troops were bombing of local villages with guided aerial weapons.

“Peaceful residents of the Belgorod region are discussing how the Russian Armed Forces are bombing their villages. Who would have thought?...” the caption to the released audio stated.

In the call, a man relayed his acquaintance’s words to his mother, “They are dropping big bombs, Vovka said, that’s why everything is buzzing. He said that now they are dropping big bombs. Now, he says, the plane is flying high, and the bombs are being dropped there.”

LSR published intercepted conversations on Tuesday revealing continuous shelling of Grayvoron city and its surroundings with multiple rocket launchers.


Russian LSR volunteers claim Putin’s troops are hiding in residential buildings, prompting residents to urge their relatives to evacuate.

On Wednesday, LSR, Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), and the Siberian Battalion jointly appealed to the Belgorod region’s governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“The liberation movement calls on the leadership of the Belgorod region, and in particular Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, to stop hiding behind the civilian population and to immediately evacuate people from the entire territory of the region,” the statement read.

Anti-Kremlin volunteers said their strikes on military targets are intensifying, with continuous shelling causing civilian casualties.

Insider Reveals Plans to Redeploy Wagner Troops From Africa to Belgorod Region - ISW
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Insider Reveals Plans to Redeploy Wagner Troops From Africa to Belgorod Region - ISW

It is unclear if the insider source is claiming that the Africa Corps will cease operations in Africa completely or if only certain units will be relocated to the Ukrainian-Russian border area.

“The victims among the civilian population are solely on the conscience of the administration, which prevents the evacuation of people,” the statement said.

“Gladkov! Think about your people! You will be responsible for new victims if the complete evacuation of the population does not take place in the near future,” Russian LSR volunteers added.

Meanwhile, roadblocks are being established in Belgorod region settlements, restricting entry into border areas.


Governor Gladkov announced the restriction of entry starting March 20 in seven settlements: Kozinka, Glotovo, Gora-Podol, Novostroevka-pervaya, Novostroevka-vtoraya, Bezymeno, and Grayvoron city, with roadblocks positioned at the entrances.

Gladkov said local authorities allegedly initially persuaded region residents to evacuate, but some refused. However, intensified shelling led to demands for relocation.

“And now it is practically impossible to physically provide help with the removal without endangering the lives of other people,” he said.

Sources from the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense informed Kyiv Post that Belgorod authorities impeded civilian evacuation during the Russian presidential elections from March 15 to 17.

Intercepted telephone conversations released by LSR indicated a significant number of Belgorod residents evacuating.

LSR once again urged Belgorod residents to evacuate the city on March 18. Russian volunteers reiterated their strikes were on military targets but noted the risk to civilians due to Russian military facilities in residential areas.

Social media footage depicted Belgorod resembling a frontline city, with visible sirens, frequent explosions, and fires after shelling.

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