Russian troops and collaborators have been booby-trapping electronic items left behind in front-line positions by filling them with plastic explosives and ball bearings, according to Serhii Beskrestnov, a Ukrainian military consultant who posts under the pseudonym “Flash.”

Beskrestnov published a video on Telegram that showed the aftermath of an explosion that occurred after “the guys plugged in the found laptop.”

“I have already written about it several times. The enemy makes such ‘gifts’ and leaves them in positions. They can also be brought by local ‘zhaduns’ [a term used to describe collaborators],” said Beskrestnov in a post on Telegram.

Beskrestnov said the rigged items are not limited to laptops, but also include power banks, portable radios, car batteries and printers – anything that troops might expect to provide them with enemy intelligence.


In another Telegram post, Beskrestnov showed the inner workings of a rigged laptop. Inside, metal ball bearings could be seen embedded in what’s believed to be plastic explosives.

Beskrestnov said it’d be impractical to call in explosive disposal personnel for every device the troops encounter, therefore they should exercise caution when dealing with electronics left behind by Russian troops, such as using a long extension cord to start up the device for the first time in case it was rigged.

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