Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO) fighters reportedly killed nine Russian soldiers using first-person view (FPV) drones, as detailed in the SSO's Telegram post.

“Armored vehicles and soldiers of the Russian Federation were eliminated,” reads the caption to the footage released by the SSO.

While conducting reconnaissance operations in the Donetsk region, SSO operators discovered enemy armored vehicles: an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) and an armored personnel carrier (BTR) with personnel.

“With the help of FPV [First Person View] drones, the equipment was immediately disabled,” the post says.

According to the SSO's report, the Ukrainian troops managed to destroy two BMPs and a BTR, eliminate nine Russian soldiers, and injure four more. The footage showcased Ukrainian drones hitting the soldiers directly, as well as their attempts to evade the strikes.


Explosions and the destruction of Russian equipment are depicted throughout the video.

Kyiv Post analysts were unable to independently verify the location and timing of the video. Moreover, it is challenging to definitively determine from the footage alone which types of Russian military equipment were destroyed.

Earlier in March, the Special Ops fighters decimated a Russian mortar position and five soldiers using FPV drones.

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Drones Do Double-Tap Strike on Gas Station in Russia’s Orel Region

An unknown drone attacked a gas station in Russia. When the rescuers arrived to eliminate the consequences, the second drone struck the gas station again.

Recently, Ukrainian Special Ops reported the destruction of a dozen Russian military vehicles in the Zaporizhzhia region. The operation, led by an SSO unit, inflicted significant damage on Russian equipment utilizing FPV drones.

These successful missions add to a string of recent achievements by the SSO. In a single operation, one of its units eliminated 13 Russian soldiers and disabled six pieces of equipment, including two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles, an armored fighting vehicle, and a TOS-1A 220mm “Solntsepyok” heavy flamethrower system, all using FPV drones.

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