In an interview with British paper the Sun published Tuesday, President Volodymyr Zelensky said, if you ask Ukrainians if they are ready to cede land to Russia for peace, or “Are you ready to talk to Russians on how to end all this?

“Are you ready for compromise, personally, with Putin and are you tired of this?” Zelenskysaid. “They. will tell you we are not tired,”  “We are ready to stand further.”

Zelensky added that “peace at any price” is impossible because Ukraine does not believe that Putin wants to end the war.

“They want to kill us,” he said. “And we want justice.”

Meanwhile, a Kremlin diplomat said on Tuesday that Russia cannot have peace talks, or “co-exist” with the “current regime” in Kyiv, and will fight back against the NATO-supplied counteroffensive as long as it takes.


“The current regime [in Ukraine] is absolutely toxic,” Russian Ambassador-at-Large Rodion Miroshnik told reporters in Moscow. “We do not see any options for co-existence with it at the moment.”

Also on Tuesday, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, posted on social media that the $100 million US military aid package announced on Monday in Kyiv is basically a “sedative pill” for Zelensky.

“The message about another American arms supply to the regime is nothing more than a sedative pill prepared for Zelensky by overseas ‘benefactors’,” Antonov wrote.

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The Russian Embassy went on to say, on Twitter, that the only thing that matters to the United States is the “profit” its weapons manufacturers are allegedly making off of aid to Kyiv.


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