• A teenage girl and two pregnant women among the injured in Kyiv
  • US says it gave Kremlin advanced intel on possible concert attack
  • About 300,000 without power in Odesa after similar missile strike
  • Two bombs fall on high school in Ukraine's Sumy border region

At least 10 injured from missile debris falling on Kyiv that knocked out a school’s roof

The Monday morning attack on Kyiv that damaged the roof of a school, among other buildings and cars, injured at least 10 people, AFP reported. It was the third aerial attack on the capital in five days.

The military said that two high-speed ballistic missiles were intercepted, but that falling debris was responsible for destroyed property and injuries. Emergency crews cleared the scattered metal and concrete throughout the day, and Kyiv’s mayor reported that a teenage girl and two pregnant women were among the wounded.  

According to the chief of the capital’s military administration, Sergiy Popko, the missiles were launched from Crimea.

President Volodymyr Zelensky underscored the need for more air defenses.


“We reiterate that Ukraine requires more air defense systems, which provide safety for our cities and save lives. All of us in the world who respect and protect life need to stop this terror,” he posted to X/Twitter.

The head of Odesa’s military administration, meanwhile, reported that three women were injured in the southern region by a missile strike on Monday. As of 7 p.m., about 300,000 residents were without electricity, as the Russian barrage knocked out the local power grid.

State Dept spokesman says US gave Putin a “private warning” about ISIS security threat

“We did offer warnings to the government of Russia in early March about a planned terrorist attack in Moscow, specifically potentially targeting large gatherings of people, including concerts,” State Dept. spokesperson Matthew Miller told a press conference on Monday.

Pentagon Preparing Package for Ukraine, Promising Armor, Artillery and Air Defenses ASAP
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Pentagon Preparing Package for Ukraine, Promising Armor, Artillery and Air Defenses ASAP

US DoD officials are preparing to send Bradley armored vehicles, unnamed air defenses, and artillery in a new aid package larger than its recent $300 million emergency tranche, plus possible advisors.

He said Washington had given the Russians a “private warning” based on intelligence and surveillance data. Miller explained that this was part of the Duty to Warn agreement “where other parties, be it allies or adversaries, shall be warned of terror threats,” state media service Ukrinform reported.


The State Department had listed in its regular warnings and alerts on March 7 that Americans in Russia should stay clear of gatherings, specifically mentioning “concert halls.” On Friday, more than 130 people were killed as gunmen opened fire on a suburban concert hall in Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin was quick to blame the West, specifically the US and Ukraine, for collusion in the attacks.

The United States had similarly warned the Iranian government about a potential terrorist attack by ISIS, Miller said, which also unfolded, as warned, in Iran after the intelligence sharing.

Zelensky responded to Putin’s accusations again on Monday, posting:

“Today, Putin was talking to himself again, and it was again broadcast on television. Again, he accuses Ukraine. A sick and cynical creature. Everyone is a terrorist to him, except for himself, although he has been fueled by terror for two decades already.”

No injuries were reported in Russian bombing of a school in the Sumy region

The prosecutor’s office of the Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine said that Russian forces dropped two glide bombs on a high school in the Okhtyrka district on Monday.


“The investigation shows that on March 25, 2024, at about [4:20 p.m.] the occupiers dropped two guided aerial bombs on the civilian infrastructure of Velyka Pysarivka [neighborhood] of the Okhtyrka district in violation of international law. The enemy attack damaged the building of a secondary school.”

Civilians have been evacuating the border region as Russian aerial bombardments have terrorized residents over the past week especially.

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Zelensky needs to be institutionalized.

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Putin and his immoral orcs garner more global wraith each day. He may be able to control misinformation in his oppressed nation, but the rest of the world is well aware of the evil he foments.

From the start of his criminal invasion of Ukraine he has prioritized innocent civilian murder. There is no other conclusion possible.

Because he is a psychopath with no morality or human empathy, he thinks that strategy will demoralize Ukraine. My how he was wrong. Not only do they stand united, they have now uniting a free world that prior to his invasion probably knew little about Ukraine. Our global anger at putins evil regime and our commitment to stop it grows.

Ukraine is now part of the the global conscience. We bond and align behind our shared values more each day. Their pain is now our pain.

Allies, it's well past time for us to have physically joined in Ukraines' defence. If putin is prepared to start another world war just to steal Ukraine so be it. Pressure your nations' weak kneed leadership to do what is right. Shame them for continued inaction if required. Replace them with more principled leadership if needed.

Putler must be stopped now!

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@John, Who do you work for MI6 or the CIA?